The New World Of Sewing

The New World Of Sewing

During primitive times, survival depended on sewing skills. Keeping warm and sheltering families depended on sewing. Women did much of the sewing, but sewing skills were everyones concern. Sewing skills were passed from parent to child. These were survival skills. It was required for making clothes, tents, and blankets. Shelter, bodily protection, warmth, life, and survival relied on sewing.

During ancient times, plant vines, strips of bark, strips of animal hides, and numerous other natural materials were used as thread. Wood, bone, and early metal needles were used in often crude sewing efforts. Hides of many kinds were used much like we use fabrics today.

Until 1846, virtually all sewing was done by hand. With the invention of the sewing machine by Elias Howe, and the broader industrial revolution, sewing became mechanized. Suddenly, an operator with the new sewing machine was able to produce finished projects equal to the five of the fastest hand sewers. Unlike the hand sewer, the new sewing machine is capable of working hour after hour, never growing tired. Sewing machines soon appeared in every textile factory and home. The sewing machine became a necessity. Sewing skills became essential. Economic survival depended on sewing. Clothing construction and household necessities could now be produced at home quicker and better then every before. In recent years, things have changed. Most public schools have reduced or phased out sewing instruction. Women now face huge challenges at home and in the workplace. Most women find themselves having to balance a multitude of family pressures. The rise of sports for girls, has in many ways replaced opportunities to learn how to sew. The days when girls learned to sew from mother and grandmother, are rapidly fading away. The result is a fading art. Sewing and quilting could become lost arts.

Today, however, there is a huge revival taking place in sewing and quilting interest. The tide appears to be turning. More people sew and quilt today than for many years. The workhorse sewing machine and the view of sewing have changed. Sewing is no longer the mundane work tool. Instead, users enjoy sewing as a tool of pleasure and relaxation. Sewers are passionate about sewing.

Today, sewing has changed. Now sewing is fun, easy, relaxing, thrilling, creative self expression. Now sewing is easier than ever before. The tools of sewing make sewing more accurate, easier, more productive, and much more satisfying. Modern sewing machines have features that take the work out of sewing. The design of sewing machines takes advantage of the most advanced computer technologies available. Machines have hundreds and hundred of dynamic stitches, built in alphabets, needle up/needle down, easy reverse, start/stop and slide speed control, powerful pulse DC motors, automatic threading, automatic tensions, automatic thread trimmers, even elaborate machine embroidery.

The resurgence of sewing in the modern era is mind boggling. If someone had suggested in 1900 that a sewing machine like Berninas new 830 would cost $12,000, they could not have imagined it. Yet, in spite of the price tag, our stores have already sold half a dozen, and the machine has just been released. The passion of the modern sewer far exceeds the have-to mentality of ages past. Today people sew because they want to. The demand for sewing instruction has caused the creation of thousands of sewing classes, clubs, and sharing groups. Many public and private schools are to teaching sewing again.

Finding sewing resources is usually pretty easy because there are so many people who love to sew and quilt. If you are unsure how to find them, or are interested in learning more about sewing or quilting; begin your search now.

Discover the world of sewing in your neighborhood. Look in the yellow pages under sewing, quilt shops, or sewing machine dealers. Investigate the public library, recreation centers, or school programs. Contact your local churches. Read sewing books. Take a sewing ecourse. Take a class on sewing or quilting. Get involved. Surround yourself with others whole love to sew and quilt. Share your passion and your projects. Be part of the modern sewing adventure.

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