Meet the Founder

Zolania Moses

To talk about Zora Moses, but known by Zolania is believe in fairy tales. Zolania is a person who believes in fairy tales and that the world can be more beautiful if we spread love and help each other. Zolania has been in love with art since she was 5 years old. She was always very fond of creating and inventing things that her mind would imagine, believed to be good to show and share with the world. Zolania has always believed that the art world goes beyond what can be imagined. Creating something that transforms people and the world is how to walk a very long path without knowing how long it takes to reach your destination. Art is addictive to every one who becomes passionate about it and gives you wings to fly with your imagination and creativity to create and recreate beautiful things that change our way of thinking and living. Zolania, having so much new ideas and being inspired by other artisans in the art world, started making baby pieces to give to family and close friends. 2 years before creating zorArte, she was preparing and taking inspiration from great artisans such as Karina Uzeda, Marta Filipe and Monica Oliveira, like so many other artisans that exist. After Zolania started to practice crafts, she understood that the art is quite broad and that it cannot be focused in just one direction, but that it must be explored a lot. She began to create other types of crafts such as bags, baby sandals, slippers, crocheted pieces, embroidery, painting and much more. Zolania through art also discovered that art is a therapy, whenever she was tired and stressed with the things that happen in human life, she realized that she felt happier and more at peace when she made some kind of craft. She says that she even met people who through art became confident with high self-esteem and learned to face life's problems in a different way, in a more beautiful way. Zolania says that art is life, but God is everything in life. She always believed that each one of us has a star in the sky, and we should always put God first in our life and always do God's will so that our star shine every moment in the sky. She knows that she still has a lot to learn and discover in the art world. Did you know that Zora Moses is passionate about the law field.