Save Your Money for Bigger and Better Things

Save Your Money for Bigger and Better Things

One way we’re doing this, is by saving our cash for the things that we really want and not just spending it all on things that catch us off guard. Far from having less, we’re now having more of what really matters to us and what can really make a difference in our lives. We’ve already seen the power of removing items from our surfaces.

Now if we replace those items with just a couple of things that we really love and we are really proud of and excited about, we’ll be able to really see and feel the difference.And this is how you can create a luxury home on a relatively small budget!

Create a Stunning Home With a Few Items

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a truly stunning home that will stand out to people. Starting out by having a clear vision for what your home to be (as we’ve already discussed) is a good start that will help to give your belongings a cohesive look and feel.

But what really makes a home look amazing when you’re visiting it and what will make people come away from your property thinking ‘wow’, is having just a few amazing stand out features.When you head into a bathroom and see something like a waterfall walk-in-shower, it can actually elevate the entire feeling of that room.

Likewise, when you add a water feature, or perhaps a fireplace to your garden, this can also attract attention in an amazing way and really make the entire garden stand out as being amazing. It could be a smart fridge, it could be an indoor ‘bubble wall’, or it could be a really amazing computer set-up.

The key is to choose items that will fit in with the rest of your décor and that will be ‘you’. These need to be things that enhance the lifestyle you have chosen for yourself.When you manage all this, you’ll be able to build a home that feels that much more amazing while still being authentic to you.

People will come away feeling incredibly envious that you have your own office pod in the garden, your own recording studio, or such an amazing water feature… Maybe a glorious chandelier. Or what about a pool in the garden with a bar in the middle?

Again: this is only minimal because you’re cutting back on everything else. But that’s also why it’s possible. And it works because it supports the lifestyle you want and the priorities you’ve set for yourself.But what they won’t realize is that you never spent more than them – in fact you spent less.

That one key feature speaks volumes because there is less clutter around to detract from it. And you afforded it by spending less on the things you didn’t need – and by selling off your other large items.This is about having a vision once again.

It’s about knowing what that thing you want is and building toward it so that you can get there and make it a reality. Once you know that all you really want is a home spa, you can start cutting back everywhere else.

Remember to Stay You and Stay Creative!

And notice something else about these stunning examples: they are unique. Often it’s not about spending the most money that you possibly can but by having a home that will be completely unique in some way and show guests something they haven’t seen before. Again, this comes from staying you and from knowing who you are and what you want to achieve.

I love working out. That’s my thing. And one way I turned my relatively simple and small home gym into something incredible and unique was to buy gym flooring to give it that professional look and then to use LED light strips around the undersides of my gym equipment. When I walk in, I can press a button and the entire gym glows cyan.

This cost me about $50 to set up and it looks stunning because it’s original. It’s common to add colored lighting to a computer set-up but I do believe I’m fairly rare as someone who has done it for their gym. Because of that, it’s something that sends all my friends home green with envy!

Another tip is to be creative in how you get the things you want. You do this by thinking about the ‘root’ of what you want, rather than the item itself. What is it about flat screen monitors that you love? Is it the modernity? Case in point, if you have always wanted a walk-in wardrobe but haven’t been able to afford one or don’t have the space, then ask yourself what it is about that idea that you find so appealing.

Of course it’s your love of your shoes and outfits and the ability to show them off in a very desirable manner.But you can do that without the walk-in wardrobe and if you get creative and inventive, then once again you can actually make this even more desirable than it might have been as a walk-in wardrobe.

For example, what about buying a bookshelf but using that as a cool way to display your shoes and your jewelry? Or how about choosing one wall in your home and getting small shelves to stand your shoes on? You can still display the things you love and get all the wow factor of that walk-in wardrobe for a fraction of the price while still impressing the heck out of guests.But it’s not just about saving money so you can buy other awesome things. Better yet is to move the focus onto your lifestyle, the people and the activities that make you truly happy.

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